How to renew an SSL certificate?

Renewal of the certificate will be available only within 30 days before its expiration. You will receive the first expiration notice 30 days prior to the SSL expiration date. If no actions are taken, the further notices asking to renew the certificate will be sent 15, 7, 3 and 1 day before the certificate expiration.

The renewal notice will contain a link for a renewal purchase. You can also renew the certificate in the user account. The certificate that is about to expire will have the status Due in the certificate list. To purchase a renewal, click on the status and select ‘Renew’ from the dropdown.

The certificate will be added to the shopping basket. Complete the checkout and follow the Renewal procedure (described below) with the new "renewal CSR".  You can contact your hosting company and ask them to generate a renewal CSR code for you. You can generate a Renewal CSR code if you have root access to the server where the domain name is hosted. You may check instructions we created for you here for some server types. If you have not found your server type in the list, you can also look through the Comodo Certificate Authority's instructions. 


(1) Please ensure that you generate and use the “renewal CSR”. The renewal CSR should be generated for the same common name, the expiring certificate was issued for.

(2) If your certificate has already expired, the system will not give you an opportunity to renew it. In this case you will need to purchase a new certificate.

(3) In accordance with Comodo Certificate Authority policy change, starting from December 20, 2010, the CSR length should be not less than 2048-bit.

Once the CSR code is generated, you need to complete the procedure similar to the Certificate’s activation:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Open the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the home page and click on “Purchased certs”

  • Locate the renewal certificate that has been purchased, click on the status ‘New’ and then on the ‘Activate’ button.

  • Copy and paste the renewal CSR.
  • Select the server type the certificate will be installed to.
  • Choose the domain control validation method, either one of the approver email addresses or uploading a text file.
  • Confirm administrative contact information.

After the certificate is validated, the certificate files will be sent to you. The old certificate should be removed from the server before the installation of the Renewal one.