Can I download certificate somewhere on your site?

Once the activation process is finished and the approval email confirmed, additionally for all the Full Business Validated and Extended Validation Certificates you will need to provide Certificate Authority with the documents required for the Validation process. The certificate will be sent to the email address specified by you during the Activation process. Your Certificate’s status should be changed to “Active” under your account within 10-15 minutes. In case the updates have not appeared within the mentioned time frame, you will need to contact the Support Team in order to synchronize the status and resend a fulfillment email, feel free to submit a ticket here or click on a blue bubble icon in the lower right corner of the page to start a Live Chat.

The option to download SSL Subscription will be available in your account once the Certificate is validated and issued. For this you need to open the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the home page and click on “Purchased certs”:

On the prompted page find the certificate you would like to download and click on the corresponding certificate ID (number in the first column):

On the next page you will find “Download” option: