[Resolved] Issues with delivery of domain control validation emails for COMODO certificates - 19th December 2015

Dear Customers,

Our upstream provider COMODO is currently experiencing issues with their email servers.
Approval emails for COMODO domain validation certificates may be delivered with massive delays.

Unfortunately, we do not have ETA regarding the issue resolution, as they could not find an issue on their side.

We keep in touch with COMODO CA technical support and will keep you updated here.

You may feel free to contact our SSL Team via Live Chat or Ticket system to get assistance with alternative domain control validation - setting up a CNAME for the domain or uploading a text file to the root directory of your website.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,
SSLs.com Support Team


Update @ 16:23 UTC | 11:23 EST

We are in contact with Comodo CA regarding the mail delivery issues. They are investigating at the moment. Unfortunately there is still no ETA for resolution. Meanwhile, please contact our support team to get your certificate issued using alternative validation methods (CNAME or HTTP validation).

Update @ 18:25 UTC | 13:25 EST

We are glad to inform that the approver email sending issue has been identified and fixed.  All emails that were not received have been sent and all further emails should be sent and received almost immediately. If you are still experiencing issues with this, please contact our support - we take the necessary steps then.