Symantec sunset: managing certificates

After the Symantec sunset starting December 1, you will be able to manage your Symantec group certificates (GeoTrust, Thawte) in the following ways:


When you click on the “New” button and choose the “Activate” option from the drop-down menu, you can see the following message:

Here you have two ways to choose from:

Plan A. Go ahead with a Comodo (now Sectigo) SSL

Plan B. Claim a refund


Plan A. If you decide to replace your Symantec group certificate (GeoTrust, Thawte) with a Comodo (now Sectigo) analogue:


If you opt for the “Get Comodo SSL” option, the following message will appear:

You can start managing your certificate right away, or check the refunded amount.

The guide on the activation process can be found here.

Meanwhile, our system will take care of the replaced Symantec certificate: It will be cancelled, and the fees from it will be automatically refunded to your account funds for further purchasing of the mapped Comodo (now Sectigo) certificate.

The non-activated Symantec certificate gains the “Cancelled” status and can be hidden by using filters on the top of the page:


Plan B. If you decide to refund the non-activated Symantec certificate:


You can check the issued refund by clicking on the corresponding “View” button:


This is how your refunded certificate looks like in the “Order History” section:



If you choose “Reissue (new private key)” by clicking on the “Active” button next to a Symantec certificate, you will be forwarded to the Geotrust End User Portal where you can manage/reissue your certificate:


The following message with the pre-filled domain name, order ID and email address will appear:


You can find the guide on SSL certificate reissue process via this portal here.



As for the Symantec, GeoTrust and Thawte certificates which are about to expire, you will have an opportunity to replace them with mapped COMODO SSL (Comodo (now Sectigo) alternatives) by clicking on the link in the renewal notification. You will be automatically redirected to your account and forwarded to the shopping cart where you will be able to purchase an identical Comodo (now Sectigo) SSL.

In case you encounter any difficulties during the process or have any related questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.